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September 1, 2011

Most striking feature:

The Macbooks. It was like Cloud Seven Cafe was around the corner of an Apple store because everyone in here was working on their Macbook. It’s a good place to come alone, check your mail and get in touch with the local Macbook users (don’t even think of bringing your Windows laptop in here, because I think you will cause a stir). I’ve ordered a chicken salad on a Yam Bum and a coke. We’re in Portland so it’s not the normal Coke, but the green version of it. Without the sugar and produced in an honest way. I loved this place also because of their lamps.

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May 6, 2011

Karianne Vermaas is a big fan of Petite Passport. Last week she went to New York with her father and together they discovered the new talk of the town: The Dutch

Most striking feature:

“The sign outside attracted my attention right away. The Dutch…would it be all about dutch treats such as bitterballen and frikadellen? Luckily it was all but that! The Dutch is an American restaurant, bar and oyster room and it is inspired by local cafés and bistros, as well as seaside shacks and roadside joints. Actually it represents the mix of cultural influences that make New York City so wonderful. The Dutch has a very comfortable atmosphere and definitely is hip without trying too hard to be the most happening place in town. Not a big surprise maybe, if you consider the fact that it’s the work of interior designers Roman & Williams (also known for their work at the Standard Hotel en the Ace Hotel). Loved the Skirt Steak Rollatini and my father enjoyed his Pecan Duck with Organic Dirty Rice very much. Breakfast, lunch and brunch are coming soon, they told us.”

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April 15, 2011

Why you should go to Bird when you’re in New York? Well this store is voted Best Fashion Store in New York several times. The former buyer from Barneys decided to open her own boutique in 1999 in Brooklyn. Now fashionista’s gladly leave their Manhattan island to visit that store (or one of the other two stores) in Brooklyn. The collection is fabulous. She sells items from A.P.C., Acne and Alexander Wang among others.

I did some online window shopping and found my favorites:

Leather espadrilles from 3.1 Phillip Lim: 192 euro
Long skirt from Madewell: 110 euro
Striped shirt from Edith A Miller: 45 euro

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April 14, 2011

Stephanie Duval is the great mind behind 70% Pure – a fantastic blog based in Antwerp. Last week she travelled to New York and because I loved following her Tweets I asked her to write a piece about her hotel experience:

Most striking feature:

With a key card to one of its rooms comes the access to a world of fun and coolness. Whether you love hanging around in the lobby between the hipsters on their macbooks, standing in line for the world’s best coffee at Stumptown or slurping cocktails and oysters in the John Dory Oyster Bar: all of these treats are just steps away from your fabulous guest room. Which comes with a guitar, Smeg refrigerator, rad jersey bathrobes and woollen blankets, and wonderful bathroom products by Rudy’s Brand, by the way.

No, the Ace Hotel is not cheap, contrary to what some might claim. Even a bunk bed here comes at a price, but it’s nothing compared to what most of the other hip design hotels in Manhattan are charging. Besides, in my humble opinion, your buck is worth a lot more around here than anywhere else. Even the simple gratification of flashing your key card on a busy Friday night (when everyone – and I do mean everyone – wants to get in and hang at the bar), and gaining immediate entrance to the center of hip Manhattan is worth the splurge.

But be sure to save a little cash for spending at the annexed Project n°8 and Opening Ceremony stores: way cooler destinations for souvenirs than you’ll find anywhere else in town. Oh, and my favourite way of spending $5? The photo booth!

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April 6, 2011

I love a well stocked mini bar – especially with funny items in it. At the Ace Hotel in Portland I felt like home when they offered me Stroopwafels – a Dutch delight. The Morgans Hotel Group teams up with the School of Life and if you’re staying in one of their hotels you get this Minibar for the Mind set. In it you’ll find Conversation Starters (speaks for itself), Collective Thoughts (inspiring thoughts written down by members of the School of Life), Dreams & Fears Notebook and a set of really great pencils. I love it! Oh, you can also buy the set via their website for 40 euro.

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(Images via Selectism – a cool online men’s magazine)


April 5, 2011

3 reasons to go there:

  1. If you like bikes
  2. If you love a bit of an eco vibe – locally produced food and organic clothes
  3. If you’re in Hollywood and want some place other than Gucci, Prada or Chanel

Check out:

(Via Cool Hunting – if you never heard of that site, please click here, because it’s part of your design education)


April 1, 2011

3 reasons to go there:

  1. If you like Korean food.
  2. If you like to eat with your hands (not necessary though).
  3. If you like to order wine with the following name: Dollar Bills Only Pinot Noir 2008.

Check out:

(Photos via Interior Design – a website worth following)


March 21, 2011

3 reasons to go there:

  1. To experience a new style restaurant concept. This restaurant changes every 30 days for the next 9 months.
  2. If you’re looking for a great restaurant in Downtown Manhattan.
  3. If you love black and white. For some colorblocking you have to find another spot.

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March 17, 2011

When this post is published I’m in an airplane to Portland, Oregon. I will be there for 5 days to make a report of it for Dutch magazine Marie Claire. It will be published in June – so my recommendations for Portland follow after the June issue hit the stores. But I can tell you one thing: I will be staying at the Ace Hotel in Portland. I’m so thrilled because a stay at a Ace Hotel stands for ultimate hotspot behaviour – so now I definitely join the group of cool travellers 😉

Are you travelling to Portland sooner than June or living in another country and want my recommendations? Sent me an e-mail at

(Picture from, click here for more images and information about the Ace Hotel in Portland)


March 5, 2011

3 reasons to go there:

  1. If you’re in SoHo
  2. If you’re in for a cup of coffee
  3. With something sweet next to it

Check out: (go to the one on Lafayette Street)