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May 6, 2011

This weekend I’m in Berlin making a report for Dutch magazine Marie Claire. I will be staying at the new The Weinmeister hotel in Mitte – but ofcourse I will be discovering new areas of the city as well. I’m so curious about the hotel because they work with iPad’s as well. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook I will keep you updated.

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March 17, 2011

When this post is published I’m in an airplane to Portland, Oregon. I will be there for 5 days to make a report of it for Dutch magazine Marie Claire. It will be published in June – so my recommendations for Portland follow after the June issue hit the stores. But I can tell you one thing: I will be staying at the Ace Hotel in Portland. I’m so thrilled because a stay at a Ace Hotel stands for ultimate hotspot behaviour – so now I definitely join the group of cool travellers 😉

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(Picture from, click here for more images and information about the Ace Hotel in Portland)


December 21, 2010

And there we go again: back home! Next trip would be London. I will keep you posted!

Want to celebrate Christmas in Lapland?
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December 16, 2010

This afternoon I’m flying to Lapland: home to Santa Claus. I’ve never been there but this last week I can’t stop thinking about it. About the temperature (-20 celcius, can I handle that?), the nature, the reindeers and the sun (is she there or does it feels like night the whole day?). But I’m also looking forward to the purpose of this trip: Marlies Dekkers is taking me. Marlies Dekkers is the queen of lingerie and she is going to show us (the press) her newest collection. I will be back home this Sunday but I won’t be publishing anything till Monday (and that would be my report about this freezing, but wonderful, experience in Lapland).

Have you been to Lapland? What was your experience?


November 7, 2010

… my MINI who takes me to all those hotspots.

This weekend I’ve been to Maastricht. As much as I like travelling and going abroad, I also love to drive my beloved MINI. That’s why it’s great to live in Europe, because every city is reachable by car. In february I went to Paris (but I parked my MINI in a save parking lot nearby Mamashelter because the French have their own opinion of ‘how-to-park-a-car’) and I like to go to London, but you have to drive on the other side of the road and that scares me. My MINI is born in Oxford so I need to go someday to visit ‘her’ homeland again. And then Berlin: 6,5 hours away. In Germany they don’t have a speed limit, so I can go as fast as I like. During the week I visit a lot of places in the Netherlands so if you see the pink mirrors, say hello! 🙂

This week it’s all about Maastricht on Petite Passport.

BACK HOME – another stamp in my Petite Passport

June 8, 2010

Yes, I’m back home. And boy did I do some hotspotting overthere in Indonesia. The next couple of days I will publish the best places (read: the places you can’t miss during your trip) in Bali and Lombok. Ofcourse I’ve been to Ku De Ta (see picture). Here I’m covered in full Balinese souvenir clothing: those hats are widely available, just like the tye dye jumpsuit (together 10 euro).

Let me know what you think and what you wanna know about Bali…


May 16, 2010

Tomorrow I’m leaving to Bali and Lombok till the 8th of June. I’m going there for a holiday so I left my laptop at home but that doesn’t mean I’m not there to do some serious hotspotting. Some places on my itinerary are: the beautiful Qunci Villas in Lombok, Mu Bali, the Rock Bar, Dekuta, Anantara lounge, Cafe Bali and Klapa. I will report it all on this blog when I return. Oh I hate leaving you because I like giving you updates on the nicest places on earth, but hey, someone gotta do some testing as well 😉

Love, Pauline