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December 2, 2010

3 reasons to go there:

  1. If you’re vegetarian.
  2. If you’re having a die hard vegetarian friend and you want to let him know that chicken satay can be made without the chicken but with the same taste.
  3. If you love great packaging. They sell herbs in cool, minimalistic boxes.

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November 2, 2010

Most striking feature:

The perfect lunch-spot. Because their menu is full of delicious dishes. From chocolate cake till quiches. The location is perfect. Next to a parking lot and the fashionable Prinsenstraat is nearby. De Bakkerswinkel is a concept in the Netherlands. Piet Hein Eek takes care of the lovely interiors. My favorite is the one in Utrecht, because you sit in the warm and romantic basement. But it’s always busy overthere. The one in Amsterdam, on the Westergas, has a good terrace. In Rotterdam we’re still waiting for a Bakkerwinkel, but new is Kantine Katendrecht. An initiative by de Bakkerwinkel. I’ll keep you posted.

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Images by Kirsty Nagel


October 23, 2010

Most striking feature:

Did you know that the Sketch store is based in the former stables of Hotel des Indes? I love that fact. And the fact that the collect every thing nice. From the socket lamp from Matthias Stahlbom till bags from Susan Bijl. You can go there if you need beautiful stuff for your home, a new set of clothes or a present for a friend. I fell in love with this boldly printed dress of Best Behavior. What do you think about it?

More about Sketch? See here.

Photos taken by Kirsty Nagel


August 22, 2010

Most striking feature:

They give perfect massages and facials – and you can make your own skin products in here – but I was intrigued by the ceiling. How simple yet creative? Just buy a couple of IKEA lamps, cut them in halfs and stick them to the ceiling. The effect is amazing. Bibou is soon opening their third spa in Rotterdam. The other ones are located in Den Haag en Leiden.

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August 17, 2010

3 reasons to shop here:

  1. If you’re lazy: they collect all things beautiful (design, fashion, gifts, flowers) underneath one roof. So you don’t have to go looking in several stores.
  2. If you’re wandering around the Denneweg.
  3. If your heart starts pounding very hard if you hear this fashion names: Best Behavior, Yarn Unit…

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April 2, 2010

Most striking feature:

The Vietnamese ambiance (with a touch of European hygiene). Look at those cute red lantarns, the Boeddha’s and the cute dishes where the food is served on. I’ve ordered the beef sate and it tasted delightful. Above you see an interior shot of the one in Den Haag, there is one in Rotterdam as well.

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