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May 6, 2011

This weekend I’m in Berlin making a report for Dutch magazine Marie Claire. I will be staying at the new The Weinmeister hotel in Mitte – but ofcourse I will be discovering new areas of the city as well. I’m so curious about the hotel because they work with iPad’s as well. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook I will keep you updated.

Are you travelling to Berlin sooner than October (when the article is published) or living in another country and want my recommendations? Sent me an e-mail at


April 30, 2011

My goal in life is to share the best hotspots to every travel loving person in the world. That’s why I started PP and why I keep answering e-mails of people asking for tips (even when my day is full of work or when I’m feeling sad). Writing about it is one thing – I love discovering all the spots and turn it into a small blog post – getting feedback is another. That’s where I live for. You telling me that you actually went to one of the spots on Petite Passport. That’s what gives me butterflies in my stomach and makes me smile all day. So I like to invite you to this space on Petite Passport – your space – SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE! ♥

To get the writing started: Tell me your name, where you’re from, where you’ve been and what you think of the place. What would YOU recommend or not? What was the thing that caught your eye? Was there something funny to discover? Would you go there again? 


April 27, 2011

Most striking feature:

This is a true honeymoon resort. You won’t find much on the resort except for a couple of villas. Made out of wood. A simple terrace. An outside tub made of wood. A stunning view over the ocean. And a relaxing loungebed/hammock on the terrace. It’s just you and your lover. And that’s how we like it!

From 180 euro per night. Check out:


April 21, 2011

I wrote two books and they’re in stores right now. The first one I wrote is called: Shortbreak for Two (things to inspire lovebirds). In it of course the most romantic hotels like Verne Dreaming and Lute Suites. The second one is called: A moment for yourself (things to do to get yourself a happy feeling). I mentioned Dr Feelgood – a massage studio in Amsterdam where I really like to go someday. Price: 10,95 euro

Buy them here:


April 20, 2011

Last week Petite Passport was featured in Grazia’s Hot List. And all the spots I describe on this site are in the Hot section, yes, yes, yes! They recommend you NOT to go on a trip without a print of my spots. And I couldn’t agree more 😉

By the way: I’m working on a little Petite Passport project, so you don’t have to print the spots, but get them all together in one booklet. Is that something you get enthusiastic about or not?


April 19, 2011

Last month I wrote an article for Dutch magazine Red. Theme: you’ve booked your summer holiday but want to get away again. For 1 night (Antwerp), 1 weekend (Marrakech) and 1 week (Madeira). 

In Antwerp I recommend (among others) Ra, Graanmarkt 13, Felix Pakhuis, Cargo Zomerbar, Sleep in the City and Soul Suites. In Marrakech you have to stay at P’tit Habibi. And if you want to go to Madeira I like to redirect you to the website of Eliza was Here who has an extreme cool offer of Estalagem Ponta do Sol.

Check out:


March 30, 2011

Today I’m celebrating the first anniversary of Petite Passport. Last year on this date I started with the first blogpost about 86 sous in Amsterdam. I thought: I start with the spots in the city beginning with an A, but later on I mixed it all, so there’s something for every travel planning geek out there. I thought it took me a couple of months to feature all the spots I have in my archive, but I’m still not seeing the end of it… A good sign: I love all those architects, brave restauranteurs and entrepeneurs to take the risk of opening a super spot!

Some facts:
In this first year I’ve published nearly 600 spots.

I travelled to 134 of them. To Bali, Mexico, Paris, London, Copenhagen, Lapland, Turkey, Barcelona, Madrid, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The most popular post was my report about Mazzo Amsterdam.

Keep an eye on this upcoming destinations: Vienna, Carcassonne, Hamburg, Auckland, Lodz,  Belgrade, Portland and Uruguay.

Check my wishlist for next year overhere.

Thank you for visiting Petite Passport in her first year! 🙂


March 26, 2011

Most striking feature:

Hotspots are like fashion. Just like bright colors are hot this season, so is cool typography at hotspots. When I got the invitation, it reminded me of the Wye River General Store in Australia or this map of London. I love it! Contain.r, a Dutch communication office did the graphic design for this newly opened deli. It’s a great addition to the Euromast itself. And it’s next to the Park, so, in summer, you can order a picknick basket in here. I tried the Crepe with apple and Nutella and it’s a real sweet treat. But the Tarte Flamblée is also a good option. It’s reasonably priced and kids are very welcome in here.

Check out:


March 17, 2011

When this post is published I’m in an airplane to Portland, Oregon. I will be there for 5 days to make a report of it for Dutch magazine Marie Claire. It will be published in June – so my recommendations for Portland follow after the June issue hit the stores. But I can tell you one thing: I will be staying at the Ace Hotel in Portland. I’m so thrilled because a stay at a Ace Hotel stands for ultimate hotspot behaviour – so now I definitely join the group of cool travellers 😉

Are you travelling to Portland sooner than June or living in another country and want my recommendations? Sent me an e-mail at

(Picture from, click here for more images and information about the Ace Hotel in Portland)


March 16, 2011

If you enter the Folly Bar this is your panorama view. Read the rest of the report over here…

Check out: