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May 6, 2011

Karianne Vermaas is a big fan of Petite Passport. Last week she went to New York with her father and together they discovered the new talk of the town: The Dutch

Most striking feature:

“The sign outside attracted my attention right away. The Dutch…would it be all about dutch treats such as bitterballen and frikadellen? Luckily it was all but that! The Dutch is an American restaurant, bar and oyster room and it is inspired by local cafés and bistros, as well as seaside shacks and roadside joints. Actually it represents the mix of cultural influences that make New York City so wonderful. The Dutch has a very comfortable atmosphere and definitely is hip without trying too hard to be the most happening place in town. Not a big surprise maybe, if you consider the fact that it’s the work of interior designers Roman & Williams (also known for their work at the Standard Hotel en the Ace Hotel). Loved the Skirt Steak Rollatini and my father enjoyed his Pecan Duck with Organic Dirty Rice very much. Breakfast, lunch and brunch are coming soon, they told us.”

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February 12, 2011

Karianne Vermaas went to Friday Next in Amsterdam and made some pretty pictures and wrote a report for Petite Passport – thank you!

Most striking feature:

‘Furniture! Be prepared to digest loads of styles and colors. This store & cafe sells pieces of Hay, Fritz Hansen, Established  Sons, CasaMilano and lots more.  In the back of the building the owners and interior advisors are working, while customers walk around the shop and others are sipping their coffee or tea at the Friday Next Cafe. Great for a lazy Sunday afternoon or to do some work; they offer free WiFi.  Heard there today: “I’ve never had a thing for coffee tables, but when I saw this one I was really confused…I would love to have it!”.’

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January 28, 2011

Karianne Vermaas is a new contributor of Petite Passport – with a fantastic knowledge of spots in the East of the Netherlands. This is her report of the Hengeler Horeca Group:

Most striking feature:

‘The industrial elements. This former Hazemeyer factory was transformed into a tasteful lounge/restaurant and exclusive beer brewery. You can’t miss the authentic industrial look of the building, with brick walls and kettles &  pipes. It is beautifully combined with the warm, but sleek and stylish furniture. It’s hard to decide where to sit; downstairs around the bar in the cubicles, near the windows in the lounge area or at a table…or… upstairs in the stylish and very comfy chairs. Why not try them all?And while enjoying the ambiance, you will find the food isn’t disturbing your experience! A funny surprise: their delicious bread is served on a stick.’

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