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January 10, 2011

If you’re going to Australia you usually choose for Sydney, Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road, the East Coast and maybe Ayer’s Rock. Perth is a bit discriminated because it’s quite far from the East of this continent. Wait till you surf down to Nook & Cranny. A very inspiring website about all the great spots in Perth. You definitely want to change your itinerary right now! A selection of their spots:

Flipside Burger Bar

Pigeonhole Shafto Lane

Pigeonhole London Court

William Topp

LIKE TO HAVE: Everything from MONKI

July 12, 2010

First of all I like to say that the website is better then their store in Copenhagen. When I visit the website I’m craving for everything and don’t know what to choose. The store is a bit different with neon colors and other brands as well. I’ve only bought a cute pink wallet, but I was a bit dissapointed because I had the intention to buy a lot. Instead I went to neighbour Ginatricot and bought everything overthere. But don’t let this stop you from going there, because oh boy, do they have beautiful things. You only have to search better then on their website. This fall they are opening a shop in Amsterdam.

Check out: