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February 21, 2011

When I started PP almost a year ago, I thought blogging was all about writing. Just like I do for the magazines. But there’s a huge difference. I never got a reaction when I worked for LIV’, when I wrote a personal story in ELLE (okay, 1 reaction) or when I wrote the Hotspot Guide for VIVA. Blogging is about getting a reaction. From a lovely reader, from someone who wants to help you with a business card or from another magazine who like you to feature their travel stories. You start with an online connection and end up meeting in real life. Lise M is the creative director of Urban Style Vibes: a blog about design, travel and more. This summer she will organise a Meet the Blogger event in Amsterdam. A great initiative. She invited me as well – and if I’m not on the road I will definitely be there.

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