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January 28, 2011

Karianne Vermaas is a new contributor of Petite Passport – with a fantastic knowledge of spots in the East of the Netherlands. This is her report of the Hengeler Horeca Group:

Most striking feature:

‘The industrial elements. This former Hazemeyer factory was transformed into a tasteful lounge/restaurant and exclusive beer brewery. You can’t miss the authentic industrial look of the building, with brick walls and kettles &  pipes. It is beautifully combined with the warm, but sleek and stylish furniture. It’s hard to decide where to sit; downstairs around the bar in the cubicles, near the windows in the lounge area or at a table…or… upstairs in the stylish and very comfy chairs. Why not try them all?And while enjoying the ambiance, you will find the food isn’t disturbing your experience! A funny surprise: their delicious bread is served on a stick.’

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