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August 16, 2010

Contributor Trees Korstanje cruised down the island of Ibiza and found this great Italian:

“La Paloma is by far the best Italian on the island – well that’s rumoured by the locals. You’ll definitely have to go looking for it, because it’s secretly located in sleepy city San Lorenzo. The interior is lovely and soft. Chairs and tables in light blue and flowers which are visible in paintings and cushions. The kitchen serves Italian food. All freshly prepared with organic and honestly produced ingredients.”

Check out:


July 15, 2010

My friend, and PR representative for FUSE Marketing,  Trees Korstanje likes to see the world. She wrote a report about the Blue Marlin in Ibiza two weeks ago and now she tested the Vine Hotel in Madeira – for herself but also a little bit for Petite Passport:

Most striking feature:

Their stunning panaroma pool on the rooftop. You’ll see Funchal (the capital of Madeira) and the sea. I love the daybeds by the pool who turned out to be multifunctional. After I ordered a Pina Colada by the pool I missed a sidetable but it was hidden in the chair itself. The use of black tiles in the pool is better then the white concrete they use in normal pools. If you’re done with lying by the pool you can move to the lounge area (see below) for an aperitif. Go to UVA for dinner: it was like we were dining in between the stars. Because of the height you’ll only see the lights of the city beneath.”

Rooms from 221 euro a night. Check out:


July 2, 2010


My friend, and PR representative for FUSE Marketing,  Trees Korstanje likes to see the world. This year she went to Bali, Ibiza and right now she’s in Madeira. On Ibiza she did some sightseeing for Petite Passport: 

Most striking feature:

“The details. Why use lamps if you can hang some chandeliers in the trees? And the signs for the toilets are too cute: for the men Neptune – god of the sea – and for us women a mermaid. Buddha’s are all over the place – especially at the entrance. Two huge ones wait on your arrival. There is an active lounge system that depends on the money you will spend. For a simple beachbed you’ll pay 15 euro, for a huge daybed 100 euro (but you can use it with three friends).”

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Thank you Trees!

Beachclub Blue Marlin Ibiza

beachclub blue marlin ibizia