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December 20, 2010

Something for the die-hard sauna visitor: in Lapland every house has their own sauna. After the warmth of the session you need to cool down. And if you’re having a lake in front of your apartment, why not jump into it? I didn’t tried & tested this one, but you can in Lapland. If you do let me know, because you will get a medal of honour, you braveheart!


August 9, 2010

Most striking feature:

A design sauna. I love it. There are several area’s all decorated in another atmosphere. There are Buddhas next to a bubble bath, there is a Morrocan desert camp with waterbeds (after a sauna session you will definitely fall asleep), there is a Turkish steambath with next to it several plates and statues from their culture. And there is the Eames lounge. No telephone, no computer, just you with some magazines and a cold glass of a fresh juice: closer to relaxation you’ll hardly get.

From 17 euro. Check out:

Have you been there? What was your most striking feature?