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April 27, 2011

Most striking feature:

This is a true honeymoon resort. You won’t find much on the resort except for a couple of villas. Made out of wood. A simple terrace. An outside tub made of wood. A stunning view over the ocean. And a relaxing loungebed/hammock on the terrace. It’s just you and your lover. And that’s how we like it!

From 180 euro per night. Check out:


April 21, 2011

Babs den Haring is  one of the most dedicated Petite Passport travellers. Together with her handsome husband she travelled to Koh Samui:

Most striking feature:

“Their outside shower. Isn’t that the best thing on earth? This hotel on Koh Samui is beautiful. The people who work here are very friendly. And there is a fantastic pond at the reception. First you have to cross a small little bridge over that pond to get to the reception. We stayed in a Garden Pool Villa with our own private pool. Definitely a great Honeymoon destination.”

Check out:

(If you like this spot, you will also like Qunci Villas in Lombok)


February 26, 2011

3 reasons to go there:

  1. If you’re planning a romantic trip to Schwitzerland.
  2. If you like their style called Raw Luxe.
  3. If you like to sleep in a building from the 15th century.

Check out:


February 1, 2011

I think my readers are mainly women. But while Valentine’s Day is approaching we’re expecting men to do the work. To choose a romantic hotel or a cozy restaurant. Usually they (no offence boys) don’t take taste very seriously. I’m not gonna tell you where some dates took me, but striplights were involved. You get it. I don’t let a man choose the restaurant because he’s already one step behind if he does. This post is dedicated to the man who wants to take his date to a cool, romantic place but don’t have the time or creativity to find the right spots. So pass it on to your loved one (like a hint), brother or best friend (to help them surprise their girlfriends). And be surprised when he takes you!

Happy Valentine’s day!

Take her to one of Amsterdam’s hottest places du moment: Lion Noir.

Go to Bo Cinq for some cocktails and small bites (note: girls who really like you don’t eat much. So please, please, please don’t go to some unlimited spare ribs place)

In the middle of a park. While every non-original man takes his girl to the Euromast, you know how to ditch the touristy sights and order some sushi for madame at the Harbour Club. Extra points in the pocket.

If you’re the man of my dreams you probably already booked a room at Verne Dreaming. Best option. Ever.

Spend a night at room 5 from Lute Suites. Cozy, cuddling and sexy time guaranteed.

More romantic spots:
A good one in Rotterdam: Wijn of Water in old container boxes. Doesn’t sound romantic but the place has a great view of the harbour.

Fly her to a Treehotel in Sweden and you get her in your own tree house

Carbon Hotel in Genk is the multifunctional hotel. You can take a bath together in your room because that bath is massive. You can go to the spa upstairs and you can dine in their fabulous restaurant.

If you’re getting serious and really like her: go for dinner at Badhu and reserve a room upstairs to top it off.

What’s your favorite romantic spot? Where would you take your lover?


January 11, 2011

3 reasons to stay here:

  1. Because it’s a perfect wedding location (and my sister will kill me for giving this away).
  2. There’s only one modern suite and that’s the pictured one (185 euro per night).
  3. If you’re having dinner at Sofa and don’t want to drive back.

Check out:


December 20, 2010

Marlies Dekkers invited me on the trip to Lapland. Apart from all the great and fun activities we did, the fall 2011 Fashion Show was planned on saturday evening. The bus took us to a cottage in the middle of a forest. Imagine this: candle light dinner, reindeer skin, everyone dressed up by the dresscode ‘roaring twenties’, Mathilde Santing singing. Romantism all over the place. Not quite a coincidence because the new collection of Marlies Dekkers told us her love story. She is deeply in love and while her man wrote her a song (which Mathilde Santing sang) she dedicated this collection to him.

After this we learned that the brand Marlies Dekkers is, from now on, divided into two brands: the haute couture line marlies | dekkers and the younger, cool brand called Undressed. To speak in images: Lady Gaga would go for option one (a bit more extravagant), I will go for the second one (a bit more minimalistic). I love the new typography. And if Marlies Dekkers uses my body as a canvas with her designs I will be sure to feel like a foxy, fashionable lady. Even underneath my clothes.

Did you know that Marlies Dekkers has a webshop? Check it out:


November 18, 2010

Most striking feature:

Can we change that question in: ‘where do you want to go on a lovers trip?’ I’ve to admit that this is the most romantic spot I’ve seen during my trip to Mexico in March. Tulum consists of a strip of hotels – all directly on the beach. The more you drive to the south, the more beautiful the hotels (and the beach looks more unspoiled and the water even more clear). I didn’t stay at Be Tulum (I visited Mexico with two girls and this is more a place to go with your boyfriend), but we had dinner in their lovely restaurant. The service is superb – and the strawberry dessert we tried was delicious. The rooms were pretty, spacious and all included a plunge pool.

(I used the professional photos of where you can book this hotel, the photo at the bottom is mine)

From 284 euro (2 nights), check out:


September 3, 2010

3 reasons to stay here:

  1. If this is what they mean if they talk about ‘glamping’ (glamourous camping): count me in.
  2. If you’re on a romantic trip with your loved one.
  3. If you don’t like the crowded islands in Thailand – Koh Lanta isn’t the first place you will find in a typical guidebook.

From 80 euro a night. Check out:


August 23, 2010

3 reasons to stay here:

  1. If you’re on honeymoon – or a romantic trip with your lover. Can you imagine the sunset on this daybed and your own private pool?
  2. If you’re looking for a trip with one purpose: ultimate relaxation.
  3. If you love infinity pools. They have a lot of them.

From 250 euro per night. Check out:


August 22, 2010

UNFORTUNATELY THIS HOTSPOT HAS CLOSED HIS DOORS (there will be a brand new boutique resort coming in 2012)

Most striking feature:

I hate going to the same place twice. Why? Well there’s so much more to discover in the world. But in 2008 I went to Fuga Fine Times in Gümbet, near Bodrum and I’m so terrible in love with that place that I would love to go again. It’s all inclusive like you’ve never seen. The exterior is beautiful: most of it is white or beige. It’s like the Supperclub on holiday. Lounge the day away, that idea. The food is superb. You don’t have to be afraid that’s it not well cooked or that the fruit is washed in dirty water. At night there’s a dj spinning down stairs by the sea. Not loud, but perfect for a cocktail and a conversation. And the price: 550 euro included 7 night stay and a flight. Perfect for couples or friends.

Check out: