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March 8, 2011

If you love vintage the market stalls of Old Spitalfields Market are a big plus. I don’t like vintage. But happily for me the shops and restaurants around the market stalls are fantastic. Take for example In Spitalfields. Almost everything I collected on Pinterest (stationary, beautiful Rob Ryan mugs, Alphabet Bags, Keep Calm and Carry On books) are being sold here. Perfect addresss for presents.

This is what I bought at In Spitalfields (13 Lamb Street):

If you walk further you will find the Lollipop Shoppe. Opened in 2010 and it’s a fantastic design paradise.

Leon is a fast food restaurant where everything is fresh, organic and natural. And the interior is great too (at the end of this month they open a restaurant in Soho as well).

The Luxe is a 24 hour, multifunctional café. You can go there for breakfast, lunch, an afternoon drink, dinner or some cocktails at night. I ordered a delicious Caesar Salad with just enough anchovy (sometimes restaurants use only one piece and I like a lot of it in my salad).

On the other side of the road you will find St John Bread and Wine. A well known place from the owners of St John restaurant (and their new hotel in Chinatown).

For those of you in love with Lomography there’s a Lomography Store.

And next door I’ve spotted these cute shoes: full of grace through the rain (and no I didn’t match them with the cameras above, that’s a coincidence).


February 1, 2011

I think my readers are mainly women. But while Valentine’s Day is approaching we’re expecting men to do the work. To choose a romantic hotel or a cozy restaurant. Usually they (no offence boys) don’t take taste very seriously. I’m not gonna tell you where some dates took me, but striplights were involved. You get it. I don’t let a man choose the restaurant because he’s already one step behind if he does. This post is dedicated to the man who wants to take his date to a cool, romantic place but don’t have the time or creativity to find the right spots. So pass it on to your loved one (like a hint), brother or best friend (to help them surprise their girlfriends). And be surprised when he takes you!

Happy Valentine’s day!

Take her to one of Amsterdam’s hottest places du moment: Lion Noir.

Go to Bo Cinq for some cocktails and small bites (note: girls who really like you don’t eat much. So please, please, please don’t go to some unlimited spare ribs place)

In the middle of a park. While every non-original man takes his girl to the Euromast, you know how to ditch the touristy sights and order some sushi for madame at the Harbour Club. Extra points in the pocket.

If you’re the man of my dreams you probably already booked a room at Verne Dreaming. Best option. Ever.

Spend a night at room 5 from Lute Suites. Cozy, cuddling and sexy time guaranteed.

More romantic spots:
A good one in Rotterdam: Wijn of Water in old container boxes. Doesn’t sound romantic but the place has a great view of the harbour.

Fly her to a Treehotel in Sweden and you get her in your own tree house

Carbon Hotel in Genk is the multifunctional hotel. You can take a bath together in your room because that bath is massive. You can go to the spa upstairs and you can dine in their fabulous restaurant.

If you’re getting serious and really like her: go for dinner at Badhu and reserve a room upstairs to top it off.

What’s your favorite romantic spot? Where would you take your lover?


January 10, 2011

If you’re going to Australia you usually choose for Sydney, Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road, the East Coast and maybe Ayer’s Rock. Perth is a bit discriminated because it’s quite far from the East of this continent. Wait till you surf down to Nook & Cranny. A very inspiring website about all the great spots in Perth. You definitely want to change your itinerary right now! A selection of their spots:

Flipside Burger Bar

Pigeonhole Shafto Lane

Pigeonhole London Court

William Topp


December 22, 2010

Winner: Mazzo Amsterdam because of their übercool interior (tested at 17-11-2010)

2: George Deli in Amsterdam because I have never tasted a better club sandwich in my entire life (tested at 27-11-2010)

3. Germain in Paris because you could wake me up in the middle of the night for this Camembert with french fries dish (tested in february 2010)


August 19, 2010

“I’m going to London. What do I really have to see?” asked by Eveline. Here’s your golden ticket of not to be missed hotspots:  

Other recommendations are always welcome!