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September 7, 2010

Last week I received this beautiful designed invitation for a new concept at bar/restaurant/bistro and hotspot extraordinaire Bo Cinq in Amsterdam. Every 3rd saturday of the month Monsieur Morris will host a Martini Manicure. After shopping relief like you never felt before: you just sit down in the beautiful surroundings of Bo Cinq, they will pour a Martini for you and while you’re waiting your nails get a fancy treatment (provided by Sense). Sounds good isn’t?

Although summer is definitely turning into fall my nails look flirty and shiny in pink. The cocktail with white chocolate on top was simply irresistible. And the scones? They did come straight out of the oven and tasted so delicious that I wouldn’t mind to live on it! Give it a try during one of the Martini Manicure afternoon’s or at the Bo Cinq High Tea.

Coming at the end of October at