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February 20, 2011

Most of the time I work as a journalist for several magazines in the Netherlands. This morning I discovered that I’m not really promoting my work as a journalist – more as a hotspotter. Last month I worked together with Anne Timmer for Ouders van Nu. She’s a photographer (we went to Mexico together for LIV’) and had just become a mother of James (5 months old). She’s the perfect example of a parent who doesn’t stay at home and ditch her travel virus in some box in the attic to never come out again. She and her man just take James and let him see the world. So this story in Ouders van Nu works as an inspiration for all of you travel lovers with kids to just book a citytrip and take your little one with you (oh, and there’s a great offer of the Townhouse Hotel in it as well).


December 23, 2010

Winner: Qunci Hotel Lombok because it has a outside loungebed and an outside shower. Great luxury experience (tested in May 2010).

2. Praktik Hotel Barcelona because their suite is amazingly huge and beautifully decorated – and cheap (tested in january 2010)

3. Townhouse Hotel Maastricht because of their lovely details, their great lobby with board games in it and their superb service (tested in november 2010)


November 20, 2010

Or am I asking too much for my night out?

I love hotspots with a great design. That’s my number 1 reason to go there. I’m not a food connaisseur. My taste is divided in two groups: 1: I like it, yes, give me more or 2: getverdemme (Dutch for disgusting). Usually my taste falls in category 1. I’m easy to please with food.

So when I visit a place which is a great hotspot and the food falls in category 1, is there something that could go wrong? Yes, it is! And that’s the people who work in the restaurants. I’m writing this letter, uh, blogpost to you:

You love working there don’t you? Otherwise you would choose to work in another restaurant? You love that people come to your restaurant because they love the interior and the food? Why is it that you don’t smile? Why is it that you are rude? If I want to make a picture of your restaurant because I want to put it on my blog, you say: sorry, can’t (Radijs Amsterdam, therefor not on my site) and If I ask you what the size of the croquettes are (in Friture Royale in Maastricht) you sigh before you ask me: you know the size of a croquette don’t you? (Yes, I know but if you serve 6 croquettes for 1 person as an amuse I’m quite wondering what the size is, because it’s not my hobby to eat 6 croquettes before the actual meal starts). You get it, Friture Royale is not on my site either.

And then today I visit my all time favorite restaurant in Rotterdam. I tell everyone who goes to Rotterdam: please take the effort to cross the river Maas and eat at Fabbrica. The pizza’s are great and the interior is fabulous! Unreal! Awesome! But then the personnel. Okay they were fully booked. That’s something that could happen (although half of the restaurant was still empty and we needed a quick bite). But we were really looking forward to a pizza the whole day so we decided to order them in. We took a seat at an empty table (the table where we usually sit when we wait for our take-away pizza). To get a dominant ‘please sit at that table’. So we moved to another empty table – there weren’t any people waiting and when we left the restaurant that table wasn’t booked. We waited for 20 minutes, didn’t get a drink. They didn’t even think of asking us for anything else. And they all had grumpy faces – like they were having their period and didn’t like working there at all.

So to you my dear people who work in restaurants, we, the people who like to go to your restaurant, love to get a bright, honest smile from you. A smile like you understand that we love your place. A smile like you want to give us the best night out. A smile like you care. A smile like you actually love your life. Please do. Please, please do.

Love, Pauline

And you? Let me know about your rude restaurant experience. About people who don’t smile. Because my frustration will be a bit temped down if I know you experience this too…

Photo from Some-ecards


November 14, 2010

Most striking feature:

It’s located in the small harbour of Maastricht – 5 minutes with the car from the center of the city. The surroundings are beautiful – there’s even a castle next to it. When we visited there wasn’t anybody at the restaurant (saturday afternoon). So I think it’s better to go there at night. They have 2 area’s: the restaurant and the brasserie. The restaurant is too stiff, so go for the brasserie. And don’t order the bitterballen because the chef hasn’t heard off the phrase: ‘ cooling it down before you give it to the customers’. Our mouths were screwed up for 8,50 euro. Anyway: I’m still curious how the food is at night (and if there are any people).

Check out:



November 13, 2010

Most striking feature:

Everything in here brings a smile on your face. I quess the owner only search for things that makes her smile. And brings it all together. I spotted a gun vase, funny cards, a streetstyle memory game, lovely shirts for children and a lot of other things. Be prepared to spent at least 20 minutes scanning all her novelties. The interior is not design at all: she even has dressdolls in her store which are a bit creepy. But it’s a perfect address for presents.

Check out:


November 13, 2010

Most striking feature:

Well, isn’t it obvious? Shoes. The most beautiful pairs of high heels, boots and sneakers are presented here. And in a completely different way we’ve ever seen. They’re standing on metal poles (with magnets in them to keep the shoes in place) – as if they are gliding in the air. The sell extraordinary brands like Christian Louboutin, D&G and Stella McCartney. I’ve spotted brown boots with a extremely high heel from Yves Saint Laurent: I’m not surprised if I see Victoria Beckham on them. (Oh, sometimes they open an outlet at the other side of the street).


November 12, 2010

3 reasons to go there:

  1. If you love the color white in combination with black. Just like this hotel in Copenhagen.
  2. If you want to dive into a swimming pool.
  3. If you like bathroom amenities from l’Occitane.

From 89 euro per night. Check out:

Photos via Coolboom – a blog worth following


November 12, 2010

Most striking feature:

The interior. Award winning. But I have to tell you that it looks quite different (than the press images) when you walk in. Tablecloths and a funny menu on the table. A typical Belgian restaurant where the waiter makes jokes and you can easily bring your kids. You will even find a Manneke Pis in the restaurant. New is the basement: designed by Maurice Mentjes (who also takes credit for the rest of the interior) and is inspired by the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City.

Check out:

Photos by Arjen Schmitz


November 10, 2010

Most striking feature:

They sell work of young designers. I fell in love with a necklace of a relaxing frog of Studio Ruig. On their website I didn’t find a good picture of the frog, but I like this sealion as well (59 euro). I also spotted some beautiful bags and funny gloves. Other brands: Nora/Juliette, Ellen Benders en Garderob. They organise fashion events as well.

Check out:


November 10, 2010

The price for the most beautiful book store in the world goes to Selexyz Dominicanen. Because it’s located in a former church. If your in Maastricht you really have to check it out. It will overwhelm you. Next to the books and magazines there’s a Coffeelovers corner where you can drink a cup of coffee.

Check out: