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February 22, 2011

Although I do a lot of hotspotting by myself and MINI, I would like to introduce you to two other members of the Petite Passport team:

First of all my lovely sister Anne. We’ve travelled to Bali, Malaysia, New York, Madrid, Paris, Bodrum, Cuba – and several cities in and around the Netherlands. Stayed in a lot of fantastic hotels, had dinner in great restaurants and most of all: we had a lot of fun! Love you xx

Second all my best friend Kirsty. She’s a stylist so she know how to shop (and know how to persuade me to buy right items). We’ve did some trips in the Netherlands and we’re going to London in next week. I’m so looking forward to that trip xx


January 29, 2011

3 is a crowd is a company which turns empty spaces and into a temporarily shop. Yesterday they turned a huge office into a beauty-, fashion- and design heaven. This is what caught my eye:

Rise and Shine Print (22 euro) from Stoer in Stijl.

All from Studio de Winkel – an online shop. I bought the cardboard clock for 14,95 euro.

I also like these sweet brooches which says ‘Mon Biscuit’ for 19,95 euro (from Studio de Winkel)

Urban gloves without fingers so you can still use your Iphone from Urban Nomads (25 euro)

Simple yet cool business card

Clothes of Es-teem – I bought a cool black vest for 29,90 euro. Yeah!

So keep up to date with 3 is a Crowd and you’ll be the first to know about their next pop up sale.


October 14, 2010

There’s a new sweet little store in Amsterdam called Lite/Dark. They sell freshly squeezed juices and the most delicous kind of chocolates.
My friend and ex colleague Brigitte van der Loo highly recommends their fruit in chocolate. Perfect as a present because they pack it in a beautiful designed bonbon giftbox. My other friend Kirsty Nagel, who shot the pictures, tried the Dark Chilled Chocolate Milk & Banana: ‘Delicious! With real pieces of banana in it.’

Check out:


July 7, 2010

Fashionable mums in Rotterdam watch out! There is a new store on the Block (called Bon Bon on the Block) and they sell the most adorable, but even fashionable, baby- and kids clothes in the world. One of the brands they sell is Bobo Choses from Barcelona (see picture above, if I had a child it would definitely be wearing this). They also sell little socks/shoes for babies from my friend Kirsty Nagel and pieces of Mini Rodini.

Check out:


May 9, 2010

My friend and stylist Kirsty Nagel spotted (and bought, yes we’re all shop-a-holics) this Bow Ring at the newly opened ANSH46 store in Rotterdam:

‘This ring is from Blond Accessoires and only costs 19,95 euro. There is one in white as well and they also sell bracelets. If you see the store interior (with the cool wooden pieces to present the most beautiful things) you could think that they sell only real expensive things. But that’s not true. Look at the ring. And the brands Supertrash, Complex Geometries and Minimarket all sell things beneath 100 euro. Oh, if you’re wondering where the name comes from? ANSH46 stands for: Another Shop at number 46.’

Check out:

You can find more details about Kirsty Nagel over here:


April 2, 2010

3 reasons to shop at SHPPR:

  1. Hallelujah: they sell Best Behavior, a beautiful brand!
  2. Kirsty Nagel is a Dutch designer and sells her bags and sjawls with stars on it in here.
  3. Esme and Vanessa, the owners, possess the gift to know exactly what looks good on you so you’re in good hands.

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