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April 5, 2011

3 reasons to go there:

  1. For the sushi
  2. For the small, and reasonable priced, Japanese dishes
  3. For the simple lightbulbs (love them)

Oh, their website lay out is horror, typical Japanese fast food like:


August 17, 2010

Most striking feature:

The moodboard wall. I was fascinated by one wall in this Japanese restaurant. Customers, friends, people who work here: everyone’s invited to get something on the wall. A favorite quote. An inspiring picture. You name it. You can read magazines (the Wallpaper Spain issue for example, I visited in december 2009) and eat sushi. The menu’s are adorable yet simple. Just a wooden plate with a white piece of paper with the menu on it sticked on it. Service is great, it’s not expensive and it’s located in El Born.

Check out:

You’ve been here? What was your most striking feature?