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April 28, 2011

I really like Tote Bags. I bought one of Alphabet Bags in London last March and get one at We Like Fashion in April. If you want to start a collection you have a lot of choice. Take a look inside the Tote Bag Book and you’ll find all kind of bags you like to have. Almost all of them carry a message like ‘buy me a drink’. And they are decorated beautifully. Price: 23 euro.

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April 18, 2011

The best birthday gift this year was my copy of the new Designhotels book. Why? Because it’s filled with the 200 best hotels in the world – all with the design factor. I love browsing through it on a sunday morning. Thinking of where to go next. Last year I’ve been to Playa del Carmen and missed the Be Playa hotel – but God, do I love the outlook. The book is divided in the continents: so you can quickly leaf through Europe for example. A perfect gift for everyone who loves travelling with a design twist. Price: 42,99 by


February 14, 2011

Oh my God… I try to save for a Jerome Dreyfuss bag but now Design Hotels comes with two books I have to have. Take a look at their cover. Beautiful design. Simple with a good typography. And then the cardboard case (only for the limited edition books). Inside the Green One you will find all of the 200 Design Hotels. I have their 2010 book and it’s the perfect start of a sunday morning (thinking of where to go next). Inside the Illustration Cover you will find the behind the scenes stories of all the creators, architects and other driving forces behind the hotels we love so much. Thank God, my Birthday is coming up…

Price: 44 euro (or 69 euro for the limited edition), check out:


February 14, 2011

I wrote a post for all of you in a commited relationship to find the best romantic spots to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I forgot the single human beings – like myself. If nobody is treating you with love, cards or gifts, you have to buy yourself something very tempting. That is: a Diptyque Paris candle. Pictured is their Valentine’s edition, but you can only buy it in New York ($ 78). But they have a lot of other scents to choose from.

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October 25, 2010

With the festive season coming, you need to be repaired. And that means: giving your loved one something really sweet. That could be a night at Verne Dreaming (most romantic b&b at my site) or if you’re embracing the new motto ‘broke is the new rich’ you better buy these two mugs. Designed by Rob Ryan: one of my favorite artists. It’s a shame to hide them in the cupboard, the need to be seen like a piece of art! 19 euro.

Buy it at SCP in Shoreditch or Notting Hill, see: