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July 2, 2010


My friend, and PR representative for FUSE Marketing, ¬†Trees Korstanje likes to see the world. This year she went to Bali, Ibiza and right now she’s in Madeira. On Ibiza she did some sightseeing for Petite Passport:¬†

Most striking feature:

“The details. Why use lamps if you can hang some chandeliers in the trees? And the signs for the toilets are too cute: for the men Neptune – god of the sea – and for us women a mermaid. Buddha’s are all over the place – especially at the entrance. Two huge ones wait on your arrival. There is an active lounge system that depends on the money you will spend. For a simple beachbed you’ll pay 15 euro, for a huge daybed 100 euro (but you can use it with three friends).”

Check out:

Thank you Trees!

Beachclub Blue Marlin Ibiza

beachclub blue marlin ibizia