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November 7, 2010

3 reasons to go there:

  1. If you’re staying at the Michelberger hotel (this restaurant is nearby).
  2. If you like Asian food.
  3. To try one of their funny named dishes like: Duck in Pyjamas or Chicken little (each bowl 3 euro).

Check out:


April 24, 2010

3, uhm make it 6, reasons to stay at Hotel Michelberger:

  1. Because of the design.
  2. Because of the rooms. All of them are different, all of them are fabulous.
  3. Because if you are citytrippin’ with a group of friends they have one cool room for all of you together.
  4. Because it is located in a very cool neighbourhood (Friedrichshain).
  5. Because they lobby is quite happening with bands playing there.
  6. Because the rate per night starts at 59 euro.

The only thing you (and I) need to do is to buy a ticket to Berlin. Check out: