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June 9, 2010

Most striking feature:

The Dutch kroketten, vlammetjes and bitterballen on the menu. But that’s not why we go to Bali. So I’ve tried the satay and the salmon pasta. Both tasted good for the 5 euros it costs. Make sure that when you, or your travel companion, are celebrating a birthday you mention the crew about it. When we were enjoying our Mousseaux Chocolate the lights were switched off, the music turned on and the whole crew start dancing and singing. The whole restaurant was laughing out loud.

No website, located on Jalan Laksmana (Oberoi)


May 16, 2010

Tomorrow I’m leaving to Bali and Lombok till the 8th of June. I’m going there for a holiday so I left my laptop at home but that doesn’t mean I’m not there to do some serious hotspotting. Some places on my itinerary are: the beautiful Qunci Villas in Lombok, Mu Bali, the Rock Bar, Dekuta, Anantara lounge, Cafe Bali and Klapa. I will report it all on this blog when I return. Oh I hate leaving you because I like giving you updates on the nicest places on earth, but hey, someone gotta do some testing as well 😉

Love, Pauline