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March 17, 2011

When this post is published I’m in an airplane to Portland, Oregon. I will be there for 5 days to make a report of it for Dutch magazine Marie Claire. It will be published in June – so my recommendations for Portland follow after the June issue hit the stores. But I can tell you one thing: I will be staying at the Ace Hotel in Portland. I’m so thrilled because a stay at a Ace Hotel stands for ultimate hotspot behaviour – so now I definitely join the group of cool travellers 😉

Are you travelling to Portland sooner than June or living in another country and want my recommendations? Sent me an e-mail at

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March 10, 2011

Across Pizza East there will be a new shopping center based on the pop up store. It’s a sort of CitizenM. That designhotel chain is made out of containers. All the rooms are the same and it’s easy to build up a hotel. Boxpark will do the same for shops. You can rent a place for no longer than three months. That’s fantastic for young designers who didn’t dare to open up a real shop with a three year long contract. But I quess household names will book a shop to bring their message to the public. I think it’s a great initiative and I’m wondering how it works out. Open in August 2011.

Check out their video on


March 7, 2011

Hi guys,

This weekend I’ve been to London. And oh dear, I loved it! I did find a lot of spots on my wishlist which I will review this week on Petite Passport. I made two video’s. One of the hotel and one of the Folly Bar. Stay tuned and get inspired to book a weekend in London.

xoxo Pauline


March 2, 2011

From this week passengers travelling Business Class with KLM can expect a very special table setting. Marcel Wanders, the famous Dutch designer, made the tableware. Talking about travelling in style. Someday I wish to travel Business Class as well – but I think when that happens the Marcel Wanders designs are already out of stock…

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February 22, 2011

Although I do a lot of hotspotting by myself and MINI, I would like to introduce you to two other members of the Petite Passport team:

First of all my lovely sister Anne. We’ve travelled to Bali, Malaysia, New York, Madrid, Paris, Bodrum, Cuba – and several cities in and around the Netherlands. Stayed in a lot of fantastic hotels, had dinner in great restaurants and most of all: we had a lot of fun! Love you xx

Second all my best friend Kirsty. She’s a stylist so she know how to shop (and know how to persuade me to buy right items). We’ve did some trips in the Netherlands and we’re going to London in next week. I’m so looking forward to that trip xx


February 21, 2011

I Wanna Go There is a great travel site. Not everything is design, but it really let’s his users get the most out of it by publishing pictures, writing reports about spots and places they’ve visited and there’s an option to make your wish list. I love making wish lists of where to go next. Anyway: I wrote an Amsterdam Guide for their site. Complete with a Google maps walking tour. If you like my site and the spots I describe, it’s worth downloading. No Anne Frank, no Kalverstraat kitsch and no canal cruises. But: Cafe George, Mazzo and Lock, Stock & Barrel (and more) in it.

Download it here.

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February 20, 2011

Most of the time I work as a journalist for several magazines in the Netherlands. This morning I discovered that I’m not really promoting my work as a journalist – more as a hotspotter. Last month I worked together with Anne Timmer for Ouders van Nu. She’s a photographer (we went to Mexico together for LIV’) and had just become a mother of James (5 months old). She’s the perfect example of a parent who doesn’t stay at home and ditch her travel virus in some box in the attic to never come out again. She and her man just take James and let him see the world. So this story in Ouders van Nu works as an inspiration for all of you travel lovers with kids to just book a citytrip and take your little one with you (oh, and there’s a great offer of the Townhouse Hotel in it as well).


February 17, 2011

London is one of the destinations I love to go. But it’s almost 3 years since my last visit (interviewing Meredith and McSteamy from Grey’s Anatomy in the Soho Hotel – next to the world famous Topshop where Ellen Pompeo told me she went for a quick shopping treatment). Years back, when I was in London with my parents, so I have to be 16/17 years old, I discovered Muji in Covent Garden. And I bought the best biker jacket ever at the Petite Topshop floor for 99 pounds when I went to London after a break up.

In about two weeks I’m back for the weekend. I have an endless lists of spots I want to visit – so I already know I can’t see it all: from Pizza East to Anthropologie and from the Barbican Food Hall to Caravan on Exmouth…

Do you have any recommendations? Share!

Great illustration of London by Sophie Henson


February 12, 2011

I just received a press release of Engels in my inbox. Engels is an ordinary grand café next to Rotterdam Central Station. I knew it had a rooftop terrace – with great views of the city – but I didn’t know they ‘greened’ it up. I can’t wait till the opening in May when I definitely go there for a cold drink or cocktail. And ofcourse I will keep you posted with a report. For now: sending you some spring vibes already!

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February 1, 2011

I think my readers are mainly women. But while Valentine’s Day is approaching we’re expecting men to do the work. To choose a romantic hotel or a cozy restaurant. Usually they (no offence boys) don’t take taste very seriously. I’m not gonna tell you where some dates took me, but striplights were involved. You get it. I don’t let a man choose the restaurant because he’s already one step behind if he does. This post is dedicated to the man who wants to take his date to a cool, romantic place but don’t have the time or creativity to find the right spots. So pass it on to your loved one (like a hint), brother or best friend (to help them surprise their girlfriends). And be surprised when he takes you!

Happy Valentine’s day!

Take her to one of Amsterdam’s hottest places du moment: Lion Noir.

Go to Bo Cinq for some cocktails and small bites (note: girls who really like you don’t eat much. So please, please, please don’t go to some unlimited spare ribs place)

In the middle of a park. While every non-original man takes his girl to the Euromast, you know how to ditch the touristy sights and order some sushi for madame at the Harbour Club. Extra points in the pocket.

If you’re the man of my dreams you probably already booked a room at Verne Dreaming. Best option. Ever.

Spend a night at room 5 from Lute Suites. Cozy, cuddling and sexy time guaranteed.

More romantic spots:
A good one in Rotterdam: Wijn of Water in old container boxes. Doesn’t sound romantic but the place has a great view of the harbour.

Fly her to a Treehotel in Sweden and you get her in your own tree house

Carbon Hotel in Genk is the multifunctional hotel. You can take a bath together in your room because that bath is massive. You can go to the spa upstairs and you can dine in their fabulous restaurant.

If you’re getting serious and really like her: go for dinner at Badhu and reserve a room upstairs to top it off.

What’s your favorite romantic spot? Where would you take your lover?