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June 15, 2010

My ex-colleague Albertine van den Brink, who now works for Pink Ribbon Magazine, went to Rome and discovered this fabulous restaurant:

Most striking feature:

“The interior. Every piece of furniture is for sale. The menu on the wall indicates the prices of the chairs and tables. I’ve been there for lunch when they serve a buffet. That sounds aweful, but imagine big plates of the most delicious biological food and you’ll get the picture. 8 euro per plate.  Urbana47 is situated in the Monti area where you will find a lot of other cool places. The owners are also responsible for the restaurant Zoc22 in the Ghetto area (Jewish neighbourhood).”

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May 13, 2010

3 reasons to visit Home Made:

  1. To be at home in Milan – the whole restaurant is designed to be a house, including a bathtub
  2. If you like slow food.
  3. If you’re visiting the Design Fair. It’s right across the corner.

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