Today I’m celebrating the first anniversary of Petite Passport. Last year on this date I started with the first blogpost about 86 sous in Amsterdam. I thought: I start with the spots in the city beginning with an A, but later on I mixed it all, so there’s something for every travel planning geek out there. I thought it took me a couple of months to feature all the spots I have in my archive, but I’m still not seeing the end of it… A good sign: I love all those architects, brave restauranteurs and entrepeneurs to take the risk of opening a super spot!

Some facts:
In this first year I’ve published nearly 600 spots.

I travelled to 134 of them. To Bali, Mexico, Paris, London, Copenhagen, Lapland, Turkey, Barcelona, Madrid, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The most popular post was my report about Mazzo Amsterdam.

Keep an eye on this upcoming destinations: Vienna, Carcassonne, Hamburg, Auckland, Lodz,  Belgrade, Portland and Uruguay.

Check my wishlist for next year overhere.

Thank you for visiting Petite Passport in her first year! 🙂

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