If you love vintage the market stalls of Old Spitalfields Market are a big plus. I don’t like vintage. But happily for me the shops and restaurants around the market stalls are fantastic. Take for example In Spitalfields. Almost everything I collected on Pinterest (stationary, beautiful Rob Ryan mugs, Alphabet Bags, Keep Calm and Carry On books) are being sold here. Perfect addresss for presents.

This is what I bought at In Spitalfields (13 Lamb Street):

If you walk further you will find the Lollipop Shoppe. Opened in 2010 and it’s a fantastic design paradise.

Leon is a fast food restaurant where everything is fresh, organic and natural. And the interior is great too (at the end of this month they open a restaurant in Soho as well).

The Luxe is a 24 hour, multifunctional café. You can go there for breakfast, lunch, an afternoon drink, dinner or some cocktails at night. I ordered a delicious Caesar Salad with just enough anchovy (sometimes restaurants use only one piece and I like a lot of it in my salad).

On the other side of the road you will find St John Bread and Wine. A well known place from the owners of St John restaurant (and their new hotel in Chinatown).

For those of you in love with Lomography there’s a Lomography Store.

And next door I’ve spotted these cute shoes: full of grace through the rain (and no I didn’t match them with the cameras above, that’s a coincidence).

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  1. niels Says:

    Love spitalfield market. Used to be my fixed Sunday hang-out, together with Bricklane streetmarket. When I moved to London, the Luxe just opened its doors.

  2. Sonia Says:

    love the spitafields market and sunday up market, I was there last year. I’m also not into vintage… but always a joy to go to these markets… and the lollipop shop…. so very me! did you buy the Rob Ryan mug?

    • petitepassport Says:

      Yes, it’s a great location! No I didn’t buy the mug, I bought a Rob Ryan notebook at SCP (soon on my site and another great interior design address in Shoredtich) 🙂

  3. Sonia Says:

    you’re also went to SCP… (never was there…) can’t wait for the post! 😉

  4. niels Says:

    Yes, for a little bit more than halve a year. Was an amazing time… but had to go back because of the internship at LINDA.

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