2010: the start of Petite Passport. I want to thank you for surfing to my website. But I also want to thank you for being in the world: curious to discover other places and countries. You don’t want to sit around and get your opinions of the world from some television station. You actually make your opinion by travelling to those places, meeting other people and dive into their culture. Of course we like to do that in a fantastic design setting – but hey, that’s travelling as well. I hope to bring you even more spots in 2011 and get you into the mood of going out there! I love you all xxx

Oh and I’m a bit curious of your travel plans in 2011! What’s the trip you’re dying to make? Which country are you gonna visit next year? Let me know!

I’m back at the 10th of january – taking a little blogging-vacation.

The fabulous designed Christmas card is from Cool Jane from Portland (where else? Capital of creativity).


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2 Responses to “MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY 2011!”

  1. Lise M. Says:

    I’m off to New York soon and I will celebrate NYE there. I’m looking forward to next year. My travel plans are not defined yet but I hope to tick a few capital cities like Lisbon, Sydney, Stockholm etc.

    Have a lovely holiday and a happy NY!


    lise M.

    • petitepassport Says:

      Wow, enjoy New Year’s Eve in New York! Fantastic!

      Stockholm is high on my priority list as well! Sleeping in Story Hotel, shopping at all those fabulous stores! Keep me posted and I will sent you a list of hotspots! 🙂

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