Most striking feature:

The students of the Hoge Hotelschool are running this hotel. That’s why it’s called a Teaching Hotel. And that’s why the location of the hotel is next to the School of Hotel Management. It’s located in a beautiful white castle and the 26 rooms are designed by several Dutch artists like Piet Hein Eek, Richard Hutten and Studio Job. I’ve only seen a couple of rooms but I really like the suite of Gerben van der Molen of Stars design. It’s like you’re in a forest with a green, autumn print on the walls and the floor. A hammock in one corner and a swing in another. The restaurant has one of the coolest interiors ever (designed by Leon de Lange, student of the Design Academy in Eindhoven).

Check out:

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  1. Jolyn Says:

    Love it! Definitly a must-see when you’re in Maastricht. Interesting because of the students who are getting a unique opportunity to learn in a special environment.

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