Most striking feature:

This doesn’t feel as a hotel because it’s like you’re sleeping at the house of a lovely family member in Maastricht. You will directly walk towards a huge orange pan with soup in it (next to it is the reception), there are hammocks in the lobby, you can even rent a fish for 3,50 euro. This is your living room during your stay. I asked them where I can park my car and they immediately offered valet parking (for free). The hotel room felt like a guest room. We had a window on the roof and it was raining, so that makes it even more cozy. The location is superb. Nearby Central Station and the shopping streets. And don’t think that the hotel is made out of vintage supplies only: in the lobby you will find all the design chairs you could possible think off. My favorite: the Eames lounge chair I’m sitting in. One tiny little personal thing: the bathroom has louvre doors and if your roommate is in it, you will hear everything. Can be a romance killer.

Check out:

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  1. Berlin Says:

    Hi. For someone who travels a lot. As I do. I feel any break from the normal hotel room is a welcome change. I like the pictures.

  2. petitepassport Says:

    Good to hear! And yes, this is all but a normal hotel room! Enjoy your travels 🙂

  3. Mikkilidesign Says:

    I cann’t get my mind of the idea to book a night at the Townhouse hotel, its so beautiful and cozy. Crazy, because I live in the neighborhood of the Townhouse hotel. 🙂

  4. Mikkilidesign Says:

    After reading the report, it crossed my mind te book a night at the Townhouse hotel, its’s beautiful and cosy. It’s crazy I live in the neighbourhood of the hotel.

  5. petitepassport Says:

    Yes, you really should book a stay to check it out! Even if you live in Maastricht. I stayed in a hotel in my hometown as well – and how uncomfortable it felt at first, I enjoyed the hotel even better. Because you don’t have the urge to leave your hotel room to see the city. Ask for a room with a bath, do some games in the living room and rent a goldfish! And let me know if you liked it! x

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