I’ve heard people say (when reading my blog): ‘but did she really visited all those places on her site?’ I can be honest. No. Unfortunately I haven’t won the lottery (otherwise I wasn’t writing this from my apartment in Rotterdam, but from let’s say the Michelberger hotel in Berlin). The posts filed under ‘Tried & Tested‘ are the ones I’ve visited, the ones filed under ‘new spots‘ are wish list material. And yes, as of today that category counts 178 spots, so even if I DID wIn the lottery I couldn’t cope with visiting every single hotspot. Or I will be suffering from a severe hotspot burn out.

I love making lists and that’s why I now introduce you to my Bucket Hotspot wishlist

What’s high on your hotspot priority list? Where do you wanna go?

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2 Responses to “MY HOTSPOT WISHLIST”

  1. Jeanette Doeze Says:

    open tomorrow party after

    first hairdresser in Belgium shop with Philip B products !!
    Photograph art from Dominic Frenandess (artist from Vancouver)
    jewelry by SW and perfume by byredo .

  2. petitepassport Says:

    Great! And what’s the name of the shop?

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