Most striking feature:

A Grand Café done differently. If only Dudok would be using those colorful chairs and simple light bulbs… Usine is open from breakfast to a late night drink. You will see supporters of their local football club PSV among children and students of the Design Academy. The menu consists dishes like tomato soup, club sandwich and satey. I’ve ordered a bagel with salmon and cream cheese. The location is also superb – nearby the main shopping street but also nearby the Bergstraat where you’ll find my favorite shop ever, Magda.

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  1. sandra jacobs Says:

    my favourite place to hang out, to go to with kids, to have lunch with designers and to drink wine with my friends!

  2. petitepassport Says:


  3. The Dossier Says:

    Eep, we were there yesterday and waited 45 minutes for a simple serve of soup and fries. When the order came the fries were cold which I sent back and waited another 20 minutes for. Finally, they overcharged me. They are nice people, and I go there a lot. But a little more attention or staffing on the busier days wouldn’t go astray!

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