Contributor Albertine van den Brink is a huge fan of Berlin and, shame on me, there isn’t much about that city on my site yet. So she gave me another must-visit:

Most striking feature:

“It looks like this store is a butcher, but it isn’t. Alright, the girl of Aufschnitt makes sausages and ham, but not of meat, but from fabric. She’s running the store, but usually sits behind her sewing machine making new ‘meat’. You can buy a bean bag for 275 euro, but the best souvenir is this Curry würst set. Price: 29,90. Take a look at this website for some images of  the designer in her pop up shop during a designer market.”

Check out:

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  1. Wald Says:

    Hello, i am very glad you talk about me. I will send you a picture of the new shop. It will be much better than your pic. And please put my link to your block.
    Tahnks and best regards
    Silvia Wald

  2. petitepassport Says:

    Thank you! Oh, I’m very curious about the picture! Please sent it to

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