One of the blogs I follow is A little Hamster: a cute blog about design and interior and I think the writer lives somewhere near Rotterdam because she often posts about hotspots in and around that city. Well last week she published a blogpost to get to know her readers a bit more: and I like to do the same here. Because I love you for reading the things I love and write about!

It’s a little game that involves four questions:

♥ Your name:
♥ Where you’re from:
♥ Something about yourself (tell me something about you and start every sentence with I…):
♥ Your favorite hotel, restaurant, shop in the world:

Thanks to A little Hamster and Loveology

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2 Responses to “I AM WONDERING WHO YOU ARE!”

  1. Gabriela Ortiz Says:

    My name is Gabriela Ortiz and I am from Mexico City.

    I love to travel, read books, eat great food and movies.

    My favorite hotels are the Four Seasons in Ubud, Bali and Mama Shelter in Paris. My favorite shop is All Saints in Camden.

  2. Lenneke Says:

    Returning the favour 😉

    Lenneke Kooijman
    The Netherlands, Rotterdam

    * I got an e-mail today from my best friend telling me to check out your blog cause she saw it at Red.nl
    * I had a great day today biking through Amsterdam
    * I am planning to open a shop in Rotterdam
    * I hope you will write about us as the ‘new hotspot in town’ as soon as we are open!

    My favorite hotel is The Dolphin at Koh Phangan, my favorite restaurant is De Watertoren, my favorite shop will be ours (me and Sophia from:http://sobinique.blogspot.com/)

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