This Favorites is all about Feel Good. That’s because I discoverd the Feel Good To Do list (pictured in the middle). We’re all doing our best to eliminate the stuff on our lists, but does that include taking care of yourself? This products will help you with that:

1. I discovered a new line of beautyproducts of Snowberry: environment friendly creams and lotions. I especially love the packaging made by Rob Ryan (From 20 euro, available at Pure Beauty Boutique a new, green labeled, beauty shop).

2. Cooking calms you down after a long day of work, but you don’t want to be in the kitchen for the rest of the evening. Jamie Oliver helps us with 30 minute meals (available at the end of september at

3. The Feel Good List is available at Etsy for 13 euro.

4.Comfortable clothes can make you feel good. Repeat cashmere, the brand that produces really nice and soft products, provides the perfect necessities for ultimate relaxing. Such as this lovely white cardigan with rounded edges, which is ideal for an evening on the couch with a warm cup of tea (€ 199.95 at their online shop).

5. Spending time with friends makes you laugh especially if you use this alternative friend book. Fill out forms about your friends and get to know them even better (16 euro at

And how do you feel? What’s your favorite feel good product ever?

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