1. This dress is from Belgium designer Ann Demeulemeester – cool color, beautiful design (buy it at Mrsh for 812 euro).

2. Loo Table by Dutch designer Richard Hutten (78 euro at Theo Theo)

3. ‘If you need fire again, please call’. Is there a better business card for a firemen? Don’t think so. More creative ideas at Siamese Heads.

4. If you’re one of the lucky few with an Ipad please use this cool sleeve of Parisian Cote et Ciel. For sale at Machouse in the Netherlands and Clinic in Belgium. But you can order it online as well. Price: 30 euro.

5. Love this card from the shop Little Otsu in San Francisco. Price: 3,20 euro.

6. Snakeskin boots from Welikefashion. Price: 189,95 euro

7. The owner of Stylefiles is decorating her nursery with this cool wallstickers. I love this one because I see myself in it – with the haircut and all. From LoveMae. Price: 35 euro.

8. I just love this Swallow Print Shorts from Topshop. Price: 38 euro.

What’s your favorite item?


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