My friend, and PR representative for FUSE Marketing,  Trees Korstanje likes to see the world. This year she went to Bali, Ibiza and right now she’s in Madeira. On Ibiza she did some sightseeing for Petite Passport: 

Most striking feature:

“The details. Why use lamps if you can hang some chandeliers in the trees? And the signs for the toilets are too cute: for the men Neptune – god of the sea – and for us women a mermaid. Buddha’s are all over the place – especially at the entrance. Two huge ones wait on your arrival. There is an active lounge system that depends on the money you will spend. For a simple beachbed you’ll pay 15 euro, for a huge daybed 100 euro (but you can use it with three friends).”

Check out:

Thank you Trees!

Beachclub Blue Marlin Ibiza

beachclub blue marlin ibizia

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  1. Karl Pearsall Says:

    Yes, cool, good review, we had this table June 27th for our Director Warren Knights birthday, live music the coolest people and 13 hours of sun and fun. Sunday is the best day 🙂

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