My ex-colleague Albertine van den Brink, who now works for Pink Ribbon Magazine, went to Rome and discovered this fabulous restaurant:

Most striking feature:

“The interior. Every piece of furniture is for sale. The menu on the wall indicates the prices of the chairs and tables. I’ve been there for lunch when they serve a buffet. That sounds aweful, but imagine big plates of the most delicious biological food and you’ll get the picture. 8 euro per plate.  Urbana47 is situated in the Monti area where you will find a lot of other cool places. The owners are also responsible for the restaurant Zoc22 in the Ghetto area (Jewish neighbourhood).”

Check out:

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2 Responses to “TRIED & TESTED: URBANA 47 ROME”

  1. Esme de Smit Says:

    You have to remember the opening hours…but when they are open it’s so nice to eat here!

    Food is great and again the concept is great! loved it!! Nice kids shop and shops for woman in the same street..

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