Most striking feature:

Apart from the fact that this restaurant is also situated in upcoming Amsterdam East (just like De Kas and Pompstation) you can call this newly opened (april 2010) restaurant basic. Simple lamps, tables made out of wood that’s rougly treathened and the most basic of all: the taps in the toilet. I’ve been here with my friend Eveline Kuin (who writes about her fabulous vintage finds on for lunch and took the van Dobben kroketten (typical Dutch dish) with mustard. My friend choose for thick slices of bread with pesto, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes on it. You can watch the chefs prepare their dishes and later in the afternoon we saw a steaming hot, and nice smelling, apple cake coming right of the oven. Nice!

Check it out:

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  1. Vintage42 Says:

    Had a fun time with you @ Wilde Zwijnen. The Mozz. bread was delicous!! X

  2. Marieke Says:

    I will try tonight after reading your review!

  3. petitepassport Says:

    En Marieke, hoe vond je het bij Wilde Zwijnen?

  4. Anna Says:

    Al 2x gegeten. Lekker, fijne warme en eigentijdse sfeer, leuk publiek. Ben er woensdag weer!

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