Most striking feature:

Uh, the toilet. If you’re on your own, fine. But what if you’re here with your lover? Nobody likes to pee when someone is watching or hearing you. Citizen M’s are gonna pop up around the world and I think it’s the best, and cheapest, option to see the city – or in my case: wait for a plane. It is saying: Bye, bye boring hostel.

69 euro per night. Check out:

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  1. travelingmad Says:

    Cool photos.

    I have to say, Citizen M is one of the best hotels I have stayed in in my life!

    I also stayed at the one in Amsterdam at Shipol Airport (waiting for my plane the next day.)

    I loved that the shower was in the middle of the room and could be seen from anywhere. Some of the books they had for use in the lobby were really good too. The giant one near the elevator was great!

    Hopefully more and more of these will turn up in places I’ll visit. They’re awesome!

  2. petitepassport Says:

    Thanks! Did you know that there’s a new CitizenM in Glasgow? And they have plans to open one in London and NY as well! So your wish will come true 😉

  3. travelingmad Says:

    Awesome! I’ll probably get to London 1st, maybe NY, Glasgow I don’t think I’ll make.
    But if I ever do, I’ll know where to stay.

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